Adherence to High Standards, Lighting the “Strong Engine” of High-quality Development

JE Furniture actively responds to the call of national high-quality development, always adheres to the quality management policy of "quality first, customer achievement, continuous improvement", and focuses on product quality, quality control and after-sales service.

Continue to improve and upgrade the quality management system, strengthen quality control, continuously improve after-sales service, comprehensively enhance product experience, and create a quality benchmark in the office furniture industry.

01 Quality Change, Standards Lead the Way

In recent years, JE Furniture has continued to initiate quality reform, strengthen quality control, establish an enterprise standardization system, take the initiative to benchmark international standards and national standards from the R&D and design links, and has participated in the drafting and revision of four national standards , is the main drafter of Foshan standards for office chairs, and has passed ISO 9001 quality management system certification, ISO 45001 occupational health management system certification, ISO 14001 environmental management system certification, green product certification, Foshan standard certification, etc., and the production standardization process has been repeatedly recognized by official authorities.


At the same time, the establishment of a national CNAS certified scientific testing center, continuous improvement of supply chain incoming inspection standards, adhering to a scientific rigorous and objective attitude, in strict accordance with ANSI BIFMA American standards, BS EN 1335 EU standards, GB/QB 2280 Chinese standards to test products, from the raw materials and product process double control, with standards to lead the casting of high quality.


02 Digital Empowerment, Strong Regulation

In order to strengthen the quality supervision in the production process, JE Furniture has invested heavily to accelerate the upgrading of digital intelligence, upgraded the ERP system, launched the MES production system, Jiandao cloud system, HR attendance management system, pan-micro office collaborative OA system, enterprise WeChat instant messaging system, etc., through process-based, barcode-based, form-based information transmission methods, to achieve information sharing, instant response, instant improvement; Establish a traceable quality management chain, take responsibility to people, strengthen the quality responsibility awareness of personnel in various positions, effectively track problem responsibility, and help strengthen quality supervision.


03 Special Optimization, Focus on Quality Control

JE Furniture has established a special product improvement and optimization project, set up a special team for product optimization, based on market trends and process material innovation, linked with key departments of R&D and production to carry out product review work, and actively explore the direction of product innovation.

In addition, always pay attention to after-sales customer feedback, focus on key quality issues through system data analysis, and customize and implement improvement plans according to priority and priority through 8D improvement tools, scientific analysis, focus on quality control, and greatly improve the quality of process management.


04 Quality Control Is Everyone's Responsibility

In order to encourage all employees to participate in quality control, JE Furniture continues to hold quality activities, regular quality review meetings and daily staff training, establish a strong quality awareness from top to bottom, create a good working atmosphere of quality first and improve efficiency, and improve the enthusiasm of all employees to participate in quality control.

According to the actual situation, each production base under the group has established a relevant quality supervision system, with clear rewards and punishments, full participation, and fully mobilized the enthusiasm of each production position for product quality inspection.


05 Quality First, Continuous Improvement

Quality is the eternal core issue of enterprises. JE Furniture always puts product quality in the first position of production and operation, continuously improves and optimizes product quality, strengthens the implementation of quality supervision, actively uses information digital system tools, continuously deepens the construction of quality management system, quality risk response mechanism and after-sales service management system, promotes supplier quality improvement, and actively prevents and avoids quality problems from the R&D and design stage.


Post time: Jul-31-2023