JE Fitness Life Center | Creating Motivation for Life through Exercise

Prioritizing the health and well-being of employees is at the core of JE Fitness Life Center's design!


JE Dreamers is an employee-centered community. To enhance employees' happiness and well-being, JE Furniture has dedicated itself to creating JE Fitness Life Centers within the "Dreamers" community—spaces that are high in freedom, inclusivity, diversity, and green health, leading the charge in a nationwide fitness movement.

A treasure trove fitness center with its own unique ambiance, breaking down barriers between social activities and fitness exercises. From a perspective of health, it creates more "life motivation" for you after work!

Drawing inspiration from JE Corporation's VI design standards, we have crafted a trendy fitness life center. Creative graphics and typography adorn the entire facility, with perfect spatial arrangements and color tones effortlessly igniting the internal nationwide fitness movement at JE.

Fitness GPS: Igniting Fitness Motivation

JE Fitness Life Center serves as a comprehensive internal fitness hub, featuring six major functional zones: strength training area, aerobic zone, yoga room, personal training area, spinning zone, and leisure coffee area.


Stylish Exercise - Strength Training Area

Lighting layout considers different fitness equipment areas, presenting a unique atmosphere and focal points filled with wilderness and vitality, highlighting the essence of free movement.


Healthy Aerobics - Running Area

Adjacent to large floor-to-ceiling windows, integrating natural light sources, the outdoor green landscape is magnified infinitely, providing a more intuitive sensory experience with every aerobic exercise.


Core Shaping - Yoga Room

A minimalist yoga room where every detail reflects carefully designed considerations, offering secrecy and playfulness. Combined with floor mirrors designed to extend spatial dimensions, it focuses more on the posture and movements of fitness enthusiasts.


Professional Instruction - Personal Training Area

Featuring professional fitness courses and full-time guidance from personal trainers, allowing fitness enthusiasts to focus more on equipment, immerse themselves in exercise, and create a stronger experiential and interactive fitness atmosphere.


Intense Fat Burning - Spinning Zone

Fashionable lighting design complemented by dynamic music creates a visual and auditory collision, distinguishing itself from the stable rhythm of other aerobic exercises with its intense fat-burning characteristics.


Social Interaction - Leisure Area

Featuring soft, comfortable sofas and a variety of beverage options, it serves as an energy replenishment zone post-workout and an area for social interaction among fitness enthusiasts.


A high-quality, aesthetically pleasing fitness life center equipped with modern and intelligent facilities, along with professionally guided fitness trainers. JE Corporation consistently prioritizes people, emphasizing the balance between employee social life, health, and office work, promoting a positive atmosphere of nationwide fitness and health within JE, creating a high-quality, healthy, and comfortable work-life environment.

Post time: Jun-26-2024