Focus on E-commerce Channels to Drive Business Development with Consumer Demand


With the rapid development of e-commerce platforms and new media, JE Furniture, based on industry trends and corporate strategy, actively laid out e-commerce channels, set up e-commerce teams, independent operations, and gradually built a perfect Internet marketing matrix. 2023, JE Furniture continued to focus on e-commerce channels, and with the help of new media means to promote the e-commerce business to play a role in the development of the Group.

01 Focus on e-commerce, continue to enhance brand influence

The diversified layout of e-commerce channels is a powerful way for JE Furniture develop new business JE Furniture has gained insights into the consumption qualities of different target groups and actively laid out major e-commerce platforms, and has established a Tmall shop, a Jingdong shop, a 1688 shop, and an Ali international station to build an e-commerce marketing matrix through multiple channels and to further cover more consumers in different regions.


JE Furniture strategically focuses on refined operations and multi-channel expansion, tailoring products and services to consumer profiles and platform competition. This approach aims to enhance consumer recognition and choice. Additionally, JE Furniture diversifies beyond mainstream e-commerce platforms, utilizing channels like short videos and Baidu search to boost online shop traffic and elevate brand influence and reputation.


02 Innovative design to solve the pain points of user needs

JE Furniture conducts systematic research and data analysis to predict consumer behavior and commodity demand accurately. We innovate in designing electric ergonomic chairs that appeal to young people and address user pain points. We also prioritize refining user operations and building data barriers in the industry, supported by a mature brand operation and a comprehensive after-sales service system. Our goal is to consistently enhance the quality of our products and services, ensuring a superior buying, product, and after-sales experience for consumers.

03 Quality content to reach users deeply

For the consumption scene "mobile, fragmented, scene" characteristics, content marketing, plays a powerful role, JE Furniture with years of experience in operating the Internet marketing matrix, quickly respond to market changes, with different social media platforms (Jittery, Xiaohongshu, etc.), trying to open up the content ecology and e-commerce sales of the chain, to high-quality content ecosystem leading the development of the industry.


To thrive in the competitive market, JE Furniture prioritizes user demand analysis and refined e-commerce channel operations. They are also committed to expanding their high-quality content production chain. The future holds more than just online sales; they aim to explore synergistic online and offline models. Diversifying sales methods is their strategy to increase market share, brand awareness, and market acceptance, facilitating steady e-commerce business growth.

Post time: Sep-18-2023