Sitzone X CIFF | More Than Just Spectacular, Let’s Meet at the Next Station


01 Elevating Fashion

At the exhibition site, Sitzone meticulously integrates ergonomic design with artistic aesthetics, showcasing a range of office furniture including mesh chairs, leather chair, multi-functional chairs, sofas, and more. Through careful consideration of innovative design and comfortable seating experience, Sitzone demonstrates the charm of JE Furniture to customers.

02 Comfortable Seating

Incorporating elements such as lumbar support, personalized expression, and perfect fit into the office chairs, Sitzone collaborates with domestic and international designers to create scientifically rational and flexible office space scenarios based on user experience. This enables employees to navigate various office roles with ease and composure.


03 Breaking Through Creativity

With a highly recognizable brand image and design, JE Furniture combines the theme of "ideal office" with the concept of engaging all five senses, instantly attracting numerous customers and intriguing them orderly to take their seats.


We will continue to bring high-visibility products to customers with a leading international innovation perspective and R&D design capabilities, while staying attuned to new trends in the office landscape. We look forward to meeting you at our next destination!

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Post time: Apr-22-2024