Oustanding Cases | Sunset Yellow + Grey, How Can A University Canteen Be Matched Like This?

A great canteen space can not only increase the fun of dining, but also stimulate people's interest in eating, The KEEN Series with its dynamic fishtail appearance and leaping colours to meet the needs of the canteen.

[Precise colour matching sets the style of the space]

Keen chairs use sunset yellow and high-grade grey, cleverly blending with the overall decoration style, echoing the elements of the original wood, creating a comfortable, active and pleasant dining atmosphere while avoiding visual fatigue.


[Ergonomically Designed for Dining Comfort]

The ergonomically designed Keen chair provides excellent support, while the rounded edge of the seat surface protects it from bumps and allows it to rotate without any obstacles, adding a sense of comfort to dining exchanges.


[Durable and easy to clean]

Keen chair are injection-moulded and easy to clean and maintain, and are designed to withstand the rigours of high-frequency use in university canteens.


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Post time: May-16-2024