New Headquarters | Sustainable Green Ecosystem, Pursuing Spiritual and Emotional Resonance


Good architecture should be a projection of life itself, and that impliesan intimate knowledge of biological, social, technical, and artisticproblems.------Walter Gropius

JE's New Headquarters is primarily designed by leading global design and architecture firms such as M MOSER. It innovatively integrates natural, artistic, and humanistic elements into interior spaces, imbuing the entire industrial park with a sense of fashion, technology, and futurism throughout the architecture, interior, and the entire park environment.

01 Design

The aesthetic of the architecture is not only about innovative forms but also about the integration of internal logic innovation. M MOSER, drawing from Bauhaus design aesthetics of "point, line, and surface," creates a new design value and concept, allowing the buildings to emanate their own artistic value.


The expansive plaza serves multiple purposes, including corporate art exhibitions, outdoor events, leisure areas, and bus stops, showcasing the symbiosis between corporate and urban development. This reflects JE Furniture's dedication to social responsibility and its ethos of openness, inclusivity, and care. Every element of nature, from trees to bricks, enhances the park's romantic ambiance, in line with its sustainable development vision as a lasting urban artistic landmark.

02 Naturally

JE Intelligent Furniture Industrial Park is JE Furniture's another intelligent high-end ecological industrial park following the Xiqiao Intelligent Manufacturing Base. The park integrates smart offices, product showcases, digital factories, and research and development training, marking a new starting point for JE Furniture's transition towards intelligent, digital, and informational development.


Through the gradual construction of green gardens, green energy sources, and intelligent environmental protection systems, the park aims to create a green ecological industrial park that is conducive to work and life. It fosters a more comfortable working environment and more efficient, lower-carbon production and operation, achieving harmonious and sustainable relationships between employees, the company, society, and nature.

03 Humanities

Situated by the riverside with a 360° river view, JE Furniture's staff residence provides various facilities including a (1st floor) sunny cafeteria, (2nd floor) seasonal restaurant, (3rd floor) JE gym, and an outdoor basketball court to meet employees' dining, living, sports, and leisure needs.


JE Furniture has always prioritized human care, aiming to provide employees with a healthy, green, and comfortable work-life environment. It continuously improves infrastructure to encourage employees to realize their personal value within the company while actively pursuing diverse personal lives, achieving a balance between work and life, making life happier, more beautiful, and joyful.


04 Benchmark

JE Furniture is committed to making JE Intelligent Furniture Industrial Park one of the best new headquarters in the Chinese furniture industry. Starting from the new headquarters, it adheres to innovation-driven and technology-led principles, focusing on developing new quality production capabilities for the enterprise. It introduces advanced technology, equipment, and talents, accelerates the innovative application of research and development technology, production technology, and process technology, promotes intelligent production, digital management, and intelligent warehousing and logistics, and accelerates enterprise transformation and growth.


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Post time: May-24-2024