CIFF in Guangzhou, 2024 Surging with New Trends, Shining Together

Guangdong JE Furniture  Co., Ltd.  focuses on global design trends, collaborating with merchants worldwide to explore new office trends. From March 28th to 31st, our six major brands will exhibit at CIFF Guangzhou, gathering top design resources globally. Dedicated to unveiling new office design trends, we invite global merchants to visit our exhibition halls. Let's shine together amidst emerging trends and harness the power of innovation.

Innovative Fusion Design, Extreme Sensory Experience


SITZONE gathers global innovative forces, integrating different cultural connotations and spiritual cores to create an extremely comfortable experience with a new "five senses" approach. Exploring the office of the future from the user's perspective, we meticulously craft a dual-themed exhibition hall concept of "T-stage show." A spectacular office chair show is about to unfold. Please take your seats with curiosity in an orderly manner. 


High-end Aesthetic Design, Embarking on Infinite "Exploration"


In the universe of Goodtone, the exploration of the unknown never stops. We persist in the ideal of making "good seats," continuously challenging the boundaries of the industry, and connecting to broader horizons. After experiencing the test of time, we still shine brightly. Goodtone's world of seating invites you to explore together.

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Towards the Future: Reshaping the Office Experience


ENOVA breaks traditional boundaries, integrating elements of youth and trendiness, committed to creating an immersive space full of futuristic sensations. Here, you will experience the collision of innovation and avant-garde, feeling the pulse and passion of the future. ENOVA looks forward to meeting you and embarking on the journey to the future of the office together. 

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Vibrant Energy Design, Redefine the Workspace


HUY curates under the theme of "Rethinking," actively considering the balance of comfort, efficiency, and innovation, creating a unique furniture series leading the office trend. We create an ingenious office experience, presenting users with a creative and vibrant work environment. In the balance of comfort and innovation, find the joy and motivation of work.

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Green Office Design, Sustainable Green Office


UBL continues the theme of "Material Evolution Theory," exploring quality renewal from 2.0 to 3.0, selecting green and environmentally friendly materials for a sustainable green office experience. Choose UBL for top-selling comfortable seats.

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Gathering Fashion Power, Adorning the Hall with New Trends


HOZE gathers the latest design concepts and trend trends, evolving into a lighter, smoother, and more flexible new form, presenting a fashionable series of hall chairs. These designs not only focus on aesthetic appeal but also emphasize comfort and practicality, injecting a new fashion wind into the hall space.

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Post time: Mar-19-2024