JE Furniture × Staff Canteen | Sunshine Accompanying All Year Round


JE Furniture upholds the "people-oriented" philosophy, always committed to creating a comfortable and pleasant working and living environment for its employees. The staff canteen at the new Foshan headquarters —JE Intelligent Furniture Industrial Park—is located on the first and second floors of the JE Dream Home in the North District. The interior features a German-style design, inspired by the motto "Sunshine Accompanying All Year Round," providing employees with an artistic and cozy dining space.


Sunshine Accompanying, Joy in Life

The first floor is the Sunshine Restaurant, adorned with panoramic floor-to-ceiling glass and natural green plants, featuring bright and cozy color schemes, creating a space filled with vitality and energy.


Artistic partition walls and ceilings create a cheerful and relaxed dining atmosphere, where employees can set aside their busy work and stress, unwind, and enjoy a pleasant dining experience.


The restaurant accommodates various dining styles, featuring carefully arranged booths, a dining bar, and group seating, meeting employees' daily dining and post-meal socializing needs, thereby enhancing their overall happiness and well-being.


Bathing in the four seasons, experiencing the beauty of life.

The second floor is the Four Seasons Restaurant, using plenty of green plants to create a close-to-nature atmosphere, making employees feel like they are dining in a garden.


Special private rooms designed to meet the dining needs of business receptions, named Spring Rain, Summer Song, Autumn Wind, and Winter Sun, each room symbolizing the beauty of the four seasons.


Aiming to create a fresh, natural dining environment that sparks employees' enthusiasm for work, enabling them to experience happiness and joy throughout the seasons of life.


The employees' cafeteria at JE Furniture is not just a simple dining place but a space that integrates aesthetics. By creating a better and more comfortable dining environment, employees feel the company's care and respect, bringing them more happiness and satisfaction in both work and life.

Post time: Jul-03-2024