JE Furniture New Showroom | Wandering in the Realm of Light and Exploring Time Together

Wandering in the Realm of Light, Exploring Time Together


The soul of art

Its change

Its flow

Sometimes gentle as water

Sometimes brilliant as fire

Painting different atmospheres and emotions

In JE Furniture's new showroom

Creating realms with light Time flows Emotions surge

Step into the realm of light now

Wander in the artistic space


We see art as a sum of physical elements: color, sound, movement, time and space, which are integrated in body and mind. Color is the element of space; sound is the element of time; movement is presented in time and space. These are the basis of spatialist art.

——Lucio Fontana


JE Furniture's meticulously crafted 7th-11th floor art showroom in the office building is now open for experience. Using light as a medium, the modern multifunctional showroom is designed for new product launches, salon activities, art exhibitions, product displays, and office spaces. The space continues the material textures of raw wood and micro-cement, creating a pure and natural artistic space.

Returning to the purity of the soul

Step into the showroom

In the context left blank by the designer

Light flows freely

The soul breathes freely

Imagination grows wildly in the space


The minimalist and pure design

Makes the reception desk the visual focus

Smooth and rounded lines

Like dancers gracefully moving

Elegant and rhythmic


The sense of ceremony brought by the stepped reading space

Fills every step with the anticipation of exploring the unknown

Meeting people's needs for reading, communication, and training

Perfectly integrating the practicality and artistry of the space

Step into the realm of light, wander in office art(7-9F)

Walking through the corridor, entering the office art space

Guided by natural light penetrating different spatial atmospheres Business leisure, modern luxury, vibrant creativity

You can find your own preference


Modern and stylish office space

Freely experience and indulge in exploration

Accompanied by light

Capturing moments in time and space

Exploring the new wave of office art together


Micro-cement paired with brand colors

Elegant yet vibrant

Circular touring route

Constantly immersing in the world of chairs


H+ Space Design, Garden-style Office Exhibition (11F)

With ecology, sustainability, and innovation as design themes, using the "H+" space design strategy of office + showroom, thoroughly implementing the Nordic style, further blurring the boundaries between office and showroom.

Carefully arranged small scenes of work, meetings, training, and leisure create a garden-style office exhibition, providing visitors with a relaxed and spacious interactive space, and offering employees a more flexible and free working environment.

JE Furniture's 7th-11th floor showrooms in the office building are now open for appointments. Welcome to visit and unlock the new trends in office art. For more details, please contact your account manager.

Post time: Jun-03-2024