JE Furniture Awarded “Top 50 Artisan Quality Brand Enterprises in Foshan”

On May 10th, the "Home with Foshan-made Products" Foshan 2024 Quality Brand Conference, hosted by the Foshan Market Supervision Administration and organized by the Foshan News Media Center, was grandly held. The conference attracted numerous industry elites, with Guangdong JE Furniture Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as: JE Furniture) attending alongside over 300 well-known local enterprises to witness the highlight moments of Foshan brands.


At the conference, the "Made in Foshan" brand series list was officially released, aiming to set a batch of brand benchmarks, discover a group of brand figures, and drive the continuous improvement of the quality levels of Foshan's industries, enterprises, and products, thereby enhancing core competitiveness and industry discourse power. JE Furniture made it to the "Top 50 Artisan Quality Brand Enterprises in Foshan" list, owing to its industry-leading comprehensive strength!

Tribute to Craftsmanship

Winning with Quality

Creating Quality Benchmark Brands

The "Top 50 Artisan Quality Brand Enterprises in Foshan" list focuses on evaluating enterprises' respect for the spirit of craftsmanship, pursuit of excellence in quality, and exemplary practices in achieving ultimate product quality. It conducts comprehensive assessments from various dimensions including market share, brand image, quality level, and technological innovation.

As one of the listed enterprises, JE Furniture has dedicated 15 years to the research and manufacturing of office seating. Every product embodies the craftsmanship and attention to detail of the "JE people". Since its establishment in 2009, JE Furniture has consistently pursued perfection, committed to collaborating with top international design teams, and promoting the advancement of furniture manufacturing processes and quality through innovative product structures and materials. JE Furniture continuously upgrades production equipment and technology, propelling the construction of digital factories and creating a robust supply chain in the office furniture industry.


In terms of product quality, JE Furniture implements rigorous controls, continuously improving quality management levels, integrating and perfecting the ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System, and introducing the IPD R&D system to achieve systematic management and standardized processes. Moreover, the company has obtained the GB/T 29490-2013 Intellectual Property Management System certification and multiple quality certifications, receiving authoritative recognition for its quality management capabilities.


Accelerating the Development of New Quality Productivity

Firmly Advancing High-quality Development in the Industry

In the context of the industry implementing the national dual-carbon strategy and developing green and new quality productivity, promoting the furniture industry towards green and intelligent transformation and upgrading is particularly important. Seizing new development opportunities, JE Furniture based on its status as a national high-tech enterprise and Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center, continuously enhances overseas cooperation, integrates advanced overseas R&D and design strengths, and persists in innovation and accumulation of independent core technologies. To date, it has accumulated 18 invention patents (including those under substantive examination), 103 utility model patents, 410 design patents, and received over 30 international design honors, with its product design and innovation levels recognized internationally.


To further develop new quality productivity, JE Furniture will accelerate the digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading of the industrial chain, introduce advanced technology, equipment, and talent, and commit to building a green and intelligent factory. At the same time, it will increase investment in product R&D, actively promote core technology innovation and business expansion, continuously contributing to the transition from "Made in China" to "Created in China", from "Chinese speed" to "Chinese quality", and from "Chinese products" to "Chinese brands", pushing the industry’s high-quality development to new heights.


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Post time: May-27-2024