HY-800 Series | Simplicity & Vitality

HY-800 Series adopts a modular design concept to realize users' imagination of different spatial seating. Its versatile combinations satisfy personalized needs, emphasizing practicality and comfort. Meanwhile, the modular design reduces environmental impact to a certain extent, truly integrating green and eco-friendly elements into furniture design, striving for a balance among people, space, furniture, and environment.


Product Series

The HY-800 Series offers three models: HY-800A, HY-800B, and HY-800C, achieved through various module combinations.


One Piece

Backrest, seat cushion, and chair legs are seamlessly integrated.


Configuration Selection

You can freely attach or detach armrests and writing boards according to your actual needs. Small modules, great utility, making your work and study more efficient.



Stackable up to 10-15 chairs, providing powerful storage capability to help you free up space.


Composite Seat Covers

Optional vintage leather covers offer you a unique and comfortable experience.


Embossed Cushion

Optional embossed cushions enhance seating comfort and provide additional protection.


Post time: Feb-28-2024