Fancy Office Chair With Low Chair Made in China

Please let me introduce you one of our fancy office chair “CH-247″ series, descriptions see below,

  1. Model number: CH-247A
  2. Material: Nylon back, mesh cover
  3. Headrest and Lumbar Support: Height-adjustable PU headrest and lumbar support
  4. Armrest: 3D with height-adjustable, move forward and backward, left and right
  5. Seat: Molded foam sliding seat
  6. Mechanism: 3 positions tilt-lock
  7. Gas Lift: Black gas lift
  8. Base: Nylon base
  9. Caster: PU caster

CH-247A (1) CH-247A (2) CH-247A (3) CH-247A (4)


Post time: Jun-19-2020


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