ESG, JE Furniture is on the way!

JE Furniture continues to deepen the sustainable concept of green development, takes intelligence, innovation and environmental protection as the core, strengthens process innovation and environmental protection investment, creates high-quality healthy office furniture products, realizes green manufacturing of JE Furniture’s full-chain production, and builds it a new ecology.


JE Furniture has passed UL's GREENGUARD environmental certification, which means that the production of our office chairs has passed the most scientific and authoritative indoor air quality certification globally recognized in terms of environmental impact, sustainability, quality and safety.


Focusing on the quality needs of the work space, JE Furniture takes product quality assurance as the premise, starts from the source of product production, considers the safety factors of sensitive individual groups (such as children, the elderly), and carries out green upgrades based on the strict assessment standards of GREENGUARD GOLD certification. Realize that office furniture is suitable for all people and the office environment is sustainable.

02 International WELL Certification

WELL, known as the "Oscar" in the construction industry, is the healthy building certification standard. It is the world's first people-centered building standard that focuses on the work and life of building users. It has very strict standards in the field of materials.

Works with WELL 授权书(1)

JE Furniture integrates international health standards into the details of creating office furniture. From the strict selection of high-quality raw materials to every meticulous and rigorous process, it embodies the concept of sustainable health and is committed to creating a low-carbon, environmentally friendly and healthy office environment.

03 FSC Forest Certification

The core of FSC Forest Certification is sustainable forest management, it proves the high standards of JE Furniture in terms of good forest management and supervision of the production and sales chain of wood materials.


JE Furniture implements ESG actions with strength, focuses on the coordinated development of social benefits, ecological benefits and economic benefits, strictly implements the wood product standards of FSC forest certification, ensures the continuous improvement and optimization of the process from production, processing to delivery of office furniture products, protects the ecological balance, and promotes the sustainable operation of enterprises.

04 Green Park Construction

Together with M Moser, a multinational architectural design company, we use the relationship between architecture and place to integrate indoor space with outdoor landscape to create the optimal bus station of the "Seat Zone", which is based on the public's quality life and advocates green travel.


The new headquarters is committed to promoting the greening of the park, making full use of corner areas, road edges and idle office spaces, planting grass and trees, and comprehensively realizing the ecological "green plant coverage" within the park, and promoting the collaborative "value-added" of park greening and ecological industry chain management.

JE Furniture integrates green plant elements into the construction of various brand showrooms, adheres to ecological principles, and always pays attention to the environmental protection attributes of office furniture and office environment. Green plants are not just decorations, but also good partners of office furniture to indoor air purification and healthy office.

05 Ecological Protection Activities

The labor union of JE Furniture launched the "Give You a Pack of Coffee Grounds" Earth Day theme event, calling on employees within the company to work together to turn waste into "treasure": coffee grounds are recycled and can be turned into organic compost for plants, practicing green actions to protect the earth.


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Post time: May-09-2024