ESG Actions in the First Quarter


JE Furniture is committed to exploring ESG practices with the development concept of "green, low-carbon, and energy-saving." We continuously unearth the green genes of the enterprise and strive to build nationally recognized green factories, national-level enterprises demonstrating green product design, and green supply chain management enterprises, serving as benchmarks in the industry for environmental protection.

We endeavor to make positive contributions to society and the environment, fulfilling our responsibility for future sustainable development.

01 Practical Actions in Green Parks 


In response to the national "carbon neutrality" policy, JE Furniture adheres to the development concept of "green, low-carbon, and energy-saving" to promote the low-carbonization of energy and achieve sustainable development of energy in green park construction.

02 Leading in Corporate Standards 


JE Furniture is committed to setting industry benchmarks, continuously optimizing the supply structure of the product chain, improving the quality of supply, leading the industry with advanced corporate standards, and promoting the healthy development of the market.

03 Awarded "China Green Environmental Products" 


JE Furniture continuously produces environmentally friendly, safe, and green products, integrating the concept of green development into all aspects and processes of enterprise production and operation. We adhere to comprehensive improvement of product quality, leading the green development of the industry.

04 Champions of Green Actions 


JE Furniture is dedicated to environmental protection, resource conservation, and social responsibility, advocating green concepts and continuously contributing to global environmental causes. 

05 Advocates of Public Welfare


JE Furniture is committed to giving back to society, fulfilling public welfare responsibilities, and continuously contributing to social charity causes, spreading love and care to every corner.

Post time: Mar-27-2024