• “YEAS” Adjustable Seat Back Mesh Chair From Sitzone

    Our latest “YEAS”, CH-259A-QW is a adjustable seat back mesh chair. Black nylon frame with full mesh cover. The breathable design mesh seat makes our user comfortable and cooler. The whole height adjusable seat back can meet the need of different body size customers. 3D armrest with P...
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  • Everything You Need to Set Up an Ergonomic Home Office

    More of us than ever are working from home because of COVID-19, and that means we need to make our home offices safe and healthy places to work. These tips can help you make inexpensive adjustments to your work space to stay productive and injury-free. When you get into a car to drive it for the ...
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  • 9 ergonomic office items to soothe your achy back, neck and eyes

    Working from home can be a hard enough transition on its own, without adding the extra discomfort of an ill-equipped home office. We’ve rounded up some items to help combat your sore muscles. Looking down at your laptop screen for eight hours a day is probably straining your neck and back. To hel...
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  • Price Down! Hot Selling Promotion Meeting Chair !!!

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  • Gaming Vs. Office Chairs: Which One Is Best For Your Work Setup?

    If this is your first time registering, please check your inbox for more information about the benefits of your Forbes account and what you can do next! If you’re getting a new desk chair, there are a few different types of chairs you could go for. You could get a standard office chair, which wil...
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  • Automakers lay out back-to-work playbook for coronavirus pandemic

    The auto industry is sharing detailed return-to-work guidelines on how to shield employees from the coronavirus as it prepares to reopen its own factories in the coming weeks. Why it matters: We might not shake hands again, but sooner or later, most of us will return to our jobs, whether in a fac...
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  • The Palm Chair From Sitzone Offers Next-Level Ergonomics

    The Palm chair from Autonomous bills itself as ‘the best ergonomic office chair’. As someone who has spent a good portion of the last two decades planted firmly in the backside-grasp of office chairs, my lower portions are uniquely qualified to evaluate the true ergonomic comfort of an office cha...
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  • Original Design Seating Brand ENOVA —–the another Brand of SITZONE

    If you’re part of the ever-growing crowd that works from home, you know how easy it is to fall into the trap of spending your days on the couch, hunched over a laptop. And while a cushy sofa certainly sounds like a comfortable place to spend your 9-to-5, it won’t do your lower back or joint...
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  • GovRel Update: Retailers must plan for COVID-19 spread

    Before anyone heard of the novel coronavirus that causes the disease now called COVID-19, Terri Johnson had a plan. Every business should, said Johnson, the director of occupational health and safety for WS Badcock Corp. in Mulberry, Fla. “Obviously, we should plan for the worst and hope for the ...
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  • Wuhan fighting! China fighting!

      A novel coronavirus, designated 2019-nCoV, was identified in Wuhan, the capital of China’s Hubei province. As of now, approximately 20,471 cases have been confirmed, including every province-level division of China.   Since the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavir...
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  • Why do the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions always play on Thanksgiving?

    For as long as most of us can remember, the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions have played games on Thanksgiving Day. But why? Let’s start with the Lions. They have played every Thanksgiving since 1934, with the exception of 1939-44, despite the fact they haven’t been a good team most of those year...
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  • Biroja krēsls

    Designed by Berlin-based Studio 7.5, is Herman Miller’s first task chair with an automatic tilt. It also has the industry’s first suspension armrest.  Initially revealed in Milan during Salone Del Mobile 2018, the chair will be available for order worldwide later this summer. To experience Cosm i...
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